“We have had multiple Denison students, alum, and family apply for the open positions.  I cannot promise that any of them will be hired, but it's great to see the positive response from the Denison community to our posting.  We will continue to spread the news of our positions on the Switchboard.  And, the positions are all still open!”

“A student, Alina Panek, and I have set up a conference call for next week. ”

“I have made contact with someone who would like more information on where I live.”

“the response was quick and really helpful, definitely a great platform to reach out!”

“Connected with a recent alumna about moving to Portland and had a great conversation. Thanks to Switchboard for making it really easy!”

“Switchboard connected me with a recent grad in Columbus, and although our timing for this San Diego job didn't quite match up, we’re staying in touch and meeting when I’m back at Denison in late February. Definitely a great way for people to find talented new and recent graduates.”

“What a great way to connect with other Denisonians! Connected with a first year TFA teacher and shared advice on tackling a tricky problem in the classroom.”

“ The leadership at Switchboard asked our permission for them to feature Denison's Switchboard on their blog as an example of a "great early start-up." Hey, Denison! Let's keep adding members, asks, and offers! You're rocking this thing. ”

“ The perfect person for this position reached out a few hours after I posted it and by the end of the week we had sealed the deal.  I actually wasn't expecting this to be my path to landing a candidate, so this was great.  It felt great to tell my team that we had found someone with great credentials in record time. ”

“ Had a wonderful conversation with a fellow Soc/Anth major about entering into market research and the value of the Liberal Arts education! ”

“ I had a good conversation with a Denison senior about how to prepare now to apply to graduate programs later on. ”